About Bout Guess
Us Info | 2012-10-18 16:56

The Marciano brothers, Maurice and Paul, have been instrumental to the growth and prosperity of the GUESS brand since its inception in 1981. Maurice and Paul Marciano have dedicated their lives to continuously creating fashion-forward and trendsetting GUESS shoes and handbags, GUESS watches for men and women, and GUESS kid´s shoes.

GUESS designs are what sets them apart, and keep them at the top of the fashion shoe, handbag and watch industry. GUESS has grown to become one of the most widely recognized shoe brands for men, women, boys and girls in the world. GUESS is synonymous with glamorous style at an affordable price.

GUESS shoes are designed to have a cool and casual appearance that can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion. GUESS shoes offer a vast selection of silhouettes and heel heights for the fashionable man, woman or child. 

GUESS is also widely known for their accessories, offering a plethora of fabulously wearable handbag, jewelry and watch designs. To remain at the forefront of fashion, GUESS watches offer every possible style choice for men and women. Their famous GUESS Waterpro line of watches has solidified them as a true force in the watch market. With so many styles of watches to choose from, there is a
GUESS watch out there for every style and need. When style and functionality blend effortlessly, it's truly a winning combination. GUESS jewelry is all about glamour, sparkle and that unmistakable style that's beloved by GUESS fans all over the world.
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