Pamplin Music
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Pamplin Music was an independent Christian record label founded in 1995 by Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. The label was a subunit of Pamplin Entertainment and in turn Pamplin Communications, which was already established in the Christian media marketplace through book stores and video products.

Pamplin Music reported turning a profit in 1999 as well as being in the top five Christian music record labels. Despite this, Pamplin closed at the end of 2001, shuttering both its production and distribution operations.

Pamplin focused on the pop, soft rock, and R&B market segments. For other segments, they used sublabels. Red Hill Records, established in 2000 with A&R handled by Dan Michaels (according to Billboard), focused on electronic and pop music, and was generally aimed at the youth market. Organic Records was their label for alternative and modern rock artists. Cathedral Records and Crossroads served the gospel market segments. Cathedral did not close with the other sublabels, and established distribution through New Day Distribution.

Pamplin Records
Acquire the Fire
Billy Batstone
Charles Billingsley (formerly of Newsong)
Church of Rhythm
The Darrins
Jody Davis
John Elefante
Rick Elias
Scott Faircloff
Five O'clock People
Vestal Goodman
Natalie Grant
Tracy Harris
Timothy James Meaney
Nikki Leonti
Sara Paulson
Solomon's Wish
Melissa Tawlks (formerly of Acquire the Fire)
The Truth
Two Or More
Jenni Varnadeau

Organic Records
The Channelsurfers (aka The Channel Surfers)
The Corbans
The Frantics
Jesus Music
Mayfair Laundry
Scarecrow and Tinmen
Split Level
Aaron Sprinkle
Spy Glass Blue
Stereo Deluxx
This Train
Dale Thompson
Tragedy Ann

Red Hill Records
Ash Mundae
The Echoing Green
Katy Perry (then known as Katy Hudson)
Kindrid Three

Audience Records
Jason Ingram Band
Everett Darren
Selena Bloom

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