TCL, IMAX to launch home theaters
USINFO | 2013-11-29 17:46

TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd. will collaborate with mega-screen maker IMAX Corp. to produce luxury home theaters in China to enable the country’s newly minted rich get up close and personal to the movies.

The two sides have signed a deal to set up a fifty-fifty joint venture to give Chinese the chance to watch IMAX-enhanced Hollywood blockbusters in the comfort of their homes, maybe even on the day of their world premieres.

The price of each theater is expected to cost at least US$250,000. The joint venture is targeting wealthy homeowners in Hong Kong, Russia, and the Middle East, but the main focus, IMAX chief executive Richard Gelfond said, is China.

IMAX earns 16 percent of its revenue in China, and now has 131 screens installed here.


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