'Interstellar': Decoding Trailer For Christopher New Movie
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Perhaps we were naively optimistic to hope that the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" would show more than a bunch of archival footage and one shot of a sad Matthew McConaughey, but that's exactly what we got over the weekend.

And not that we didn't appreciate the short preview of what will hopefully be a rousing sci-fi epic when it hits theaters in November, but we just wanted MORE!

The trailer, for all of its vagueness, may have shared more about the movie than first expected, so MTV News combed through all one minute and 52 seconds of it for every ounce of potential story information. This is what we think we learned from the "Interstellar" trailer.
It's About Corn(?)

As much as we'd like to connect the dots of what we've seen in the trailer and an early logline that leaked back in August, there's still the possibility that the rumor that "Interstellar" is about corn becoming the only crop left on earth is a bunch of bull. But then again, the plant is the very first thing the trailer shows, before cutting to archival footage from the Dust Bowl. Could a modern-day equivalent of that national disaster drive man to look to the stars for help as the rumors suggest? The other shot we do see from the actual film is of Matthew McConaughey driving away from a farm house, and all of the sudden, this crazy rumor is starting to hold water.

McConaughey In The Lead
Putting together a stellar cast of A-listers has become a Christopher Nolan signature, right alongside twisty plots and IMAX footage, and the group of actors he has wrangled for his latest film rivals any that have come before. With such an impressive lineup, it wouldn't be out of the question to get confused about who is leading the story this time around. Is it the stronger-than-ever Matthew McConaughey or Nolan's Catwoman, Anne Hathaway, or future-Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain? The trailer strongly suggests that a misty-eyed McConaughey will lead the voyage, but that could change once we see more footage.

There's a Mission
Whether this all has to do with finding a new place in the universe to plant crops or not, the trailer leads us to believe that there is a mission at the heart of this interstellar voyage. The McConaughey voice-over coupled with images of the Dust Bowl and footage tracking the progress of aviation lead us to think that a desperate time has called for a desperate measure. The problem may have to do with agriculture because it's the only footage not related to flight, but what does appear to be certain is that the action in space isn't random. The crew has a specific goal, and the fate of mankind might hang in the balance.

If the title wasn't enough to convince you that Nolan is headed to space for the first time, then take a look at the final shot of the trailer. From McConaughey's only shot in the trailer, we can assume he's heading off to space and leaving behind everything he has on earth, whether that's a wife, kids or a cat that he really likes.

Where's the Time Travel?
The first word about "Interstellar," once Nolan came on to direct, was that the story had roots in the theories of physicist Kip Thorne. The CalTech professor is known for his work with wormholes, which will likely factor into "Interstellar's" journey, and time travel. The latter — while a super exciting possibility for Nolan fans — wasn't so much as hinted at in the trailer, but it could complicate matters once the mission is underway.
"Interstellar" opens on November 7, 2014.


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