Josh Brolin's brother homeless, survives by eating trash | 2014-10-13 15:58

Jess Brolin — who is also the son of actor James Brolin and stepson of singer Barbra Streisand — lives on the streets of Ojai, Calif., according to a report, after spending all of a six-figure inheritance he obtained after his mother’s death.

Jess Brolin — brother of Josh Brolin, son of James Brolin and stepson of Barbra Streisand — is apparently homeless and digging through trash cans for food, according to a report.

But troubled Jess Brolin — brother of actor Josh Brolin and son of James Brolin, as well as the stepson of Barbra Streisand — is homeless and digs around rubbish bins for food, reports The Mirror.

The 41-year-old may come from showbiz royalty, but he spends his life sleeping on the streets of California.

The overweight son lives in Ojai, some 80 miles from the Malibu mansion his father shares with Streisand.

The Mirror reports that Jess inherited a six-figure trust fund after his mother, Jane Cameron Agee, died in 1995.

But that money has apparently run out, says The Mirror, and family and friends have been unable to halt his decline.

"We have offered help and support and we continue to do so,” a spokesman for the Brolin family said. “We love him very much and only want what is best for him."


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