‘Penny Dreadful’ Trailer: Josh Hartnett and Eva Green in a
USINFO | 2014-01-23 11:41

TCA 2014: Showtime touts series from John Logan

The new trailer for John Logan’s “Penny Dreadful” gives us a Victorian London filled with sex, blood, red-eyed monsters and a terrifying master.

“Where is your master?” asks Timothy Dalton’s character at one point.

He gets the last answer he wanted: “Behind you.”

Showtime debuted the trailer at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Thursday. The series features Victorian-era characters like Frankenstein’s monster and Dorian Grey.

Josh Hartnett plays an American whose introduction to Eva Green’s character draws him into a horrific world. Teeth gnash, eyes flash, flesh rips. “Penny Dreadful” debuts May 11 on Showtime.


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