It’s hard to not root for Louis CK. The guy has been throwing himself to the wolves at stand-up clubs for almost thirty years, carrying a love of filmmaking in his back pocket while working like a mad yeoman to nab writing jobs for Letterman, Conan O’Brie

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by Paris | 2014-01-22

“Extant” means “still in existence, the opposite of extinct” CBS has provided the web with a brief reveal — and a solid SAT word — in a teaser for upcoming summer show, “Extant.”

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by Paris | 2013-12-25

Along with the new episodes of the new series that were shown earlier this year, fans have been treated to a special to mark the hit BBC drama's 50th anniversary and come 7.30pm tomorrow night, fans will be treated to The Time Of The Doctor.

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by Paris | 2013-12-20

We can confidently say we know what will happen at the White House on Valentine's Day — and no, we’re not talking about roses or heart-shaped boxes of chocolate for the first lady.

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by Paris | 2013-12-19

It may not be the Almost Human mid-season finale that many fans had hoped for, but it sure is a strong end-of-the-year finish, nevertheless.

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by Paris | 2013-12-18

And how could it not be? NBC's Monday crime drama is one of the season's new hits, with strong ratings (including those from post-broadcast DVR viewings, where the show has set a couple of records) and positive reviews ...

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