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November 19th, 2013

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “When I walked for Calvin Klein that was the moment when everything came together for me – all of the hard work had led to that moment. Alexander Wang‘s show had great energy and it was the first show I ever walked in. That was probably my favorite moment – I found out the night before and was so nervous. There was a build up of excitement and the set, music and clothing was a great creative atmosphere.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “At Oscar de la Renta and my outfit was so elegant; a creme and blue dress with a flower brooch. My hair and makeup was so beautiful, the show was quiet and serene – I felt like I had gone back in time to the 60s it was beautiful.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “When I was doing Louis Vuitton - no one could see your face by the elevator and before you go out. I stood there and thought- I am walking Louis Vuitton right now. There are thousands of people who wish they could do this. It was sort of an inspiring moment.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “Probably my most memorable moment of the season was opening Galliano. I sat in the casting forever and I didn’t think they liked me, then they fit me the day before the show. It was late at night when they told me I was going to open and I just couldn’t believe it.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “My favorite moment of the season was walking Alexander Wang. The music was my favorite of the season- walking to it made you feel very powerful. I also did the looks for five days, so I saw how much work went into the show and it how it all came together.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Going to Paris and doing the Givenchy show. I was the one in the mask so I got to interact with everyone who was creating the mask. They were individual jeweled dots and it took twelve hours to put on, but only five minutes to take off!

MEMORABLE MOMENT: “My most memorable was probably the Dior show again. Just seeing the catwalk for the first time with all those hanging flowers – I love flowers so seeing that and getting to experience it was really exciting.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: In February I was still finishing up my business degree. Looking back at studying in my room with an Eiffel Tower poster on my wall I could never have imagined that in a few months I’d be doing shows in Paris and have the Eiffel Tower there in the background. Just traveling and seeing all the different cities and how everything comes together has been amazing.

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