The Money Girls
USINFO | 2014-09-04 17:30


1.Gisele Bundchen
There is no doubt that from Brazil back to Milan, New York and over to Germany, Gisele remains, of the two financial giants of the industry, capable of moving masses of product to the consumer. From fragrance to sandals to watches, high end clothing to swim wear, La Gisele can rock it all. She's one in a multi-million!

2.Kate Moss
She's no mere model anymore, or for that matter, simply an icon. Kate Moss is an industry now and quite a money machine at that. The impressive thing about this achievement is that she's managed to become a financial powerhouse while remaining the absolute epitome of editorial cool.

3.Adriana Lima
Being the undisputed queen of Victoria's Secret comes with more than a few perks. Adriana has one of the biggest contracts in the business and has held her place in the pantheon of money girls.

4.Doutzen Kroes
Will the massive money jobs ever stop for the Dutch wonder called Doutzen? L'Oreal as far as the eye can see booked alongside Victoria's Secret. She's like the Helen Of Troy of advertising.

5.Natalia Vodianova
The supermodel with the fastest rise to the top of the industry is indisputably Natalia Vodionova. She continues her blue chip legacy season after season.

6.Daria Werbowy
A stunning cosmetics contract and Daria leapt effortlessly into the financial VIP club. Even better, her editorial profile is so consistently flawless Ms Werbowy has emerged as the great breakthrough model of her decade.

7.Alessandra Ambrosio
Viva Alessandra Ambrosio! She's one of the few models left who knows how to use her VS contract to platform herself as a multi-media star with magazines covers aplenty and gigs for Armani as well as her TV appearances to keep her market value crackling. That girl knows how to work a moment.

8.Miranda Kerr
Proof that elusive dream is still possible. Covers! Campaigns! Money! Stardom... for a model! Girls like Miranda are why an industry called modeling exists.

9.Carolyn Murphy
Every step Carolyn Murphy takes onto a photo set must feel like a money machine in motion. When the camera clicks for Estee Lauder, it means contract. When she luxuriates for Tiffany & Co, another six figure checks comes in and if Carolyn feels like being sexy in her Jantzen, then it is because she's being very well compensated. How enviable is that!

10.Valentina Zelyaeva
A Ralph Lauren contract is one of the few in the modeling industry that can keep a girl's bread well buttered for years upon years. As the current lead face for the brand, you can rest assured that Valentina's quite happy with the compensation. The brilliant thing too about a RL moment is it tends to be far longer than a fleeting moment. Valentina's a fixture now.

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