The mony guys
USINFO | 2014-09-29 17:32

1.Simon Nessman
Few models have the consistency and longevity of the iconic Simon Nessman. Since his start in 2007, the Canadian superstar has shown up on nearly every runway and in every magazine imaginable, not to mention his countless campaigns for the likes of Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and D&G. The soft-spoken surfer is one of the few male models who can safely be said to have crossed over into the mainstream, his face recognizable from numerous billboards and magazine pages and even Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video. His position at the top of the industry was cemented last year with the launch of his multiyear contract as the face of Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Giò Essenza, in a stunning black-and-white photo by the legendary Bruce Weber. His run of six seasons so far as the face of Michael Kors proves that he has many loyal fans in the industry, exactly what you would expect from our new number-one Money Guy. We're looking forward to even brighter heights for Simon in the years to come.

2.Sean O'Pry
As one of the few New Generation of models on this list, Sean O'Pry has long proven that he has earned his place in male modeling history. Since his start in 2007, the young American's chameleon qualities combined with his inability to take a bad picture has made him one of the most requested faces of the last decade.

3.Noah Mills
As one of the most consistently booked men Noah Mills holds the record for repeat performances. As a standard in ads for Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana, Mills' face is familiar to anyone who loves fashion. With his newfound success in films like Sex and the City 2, Noah is on the path towards becoming a household name, in and out of the fashion world.

4.Tyson Ballou
Since his discovery at the tender age of 15, Tyson has been one of male modeling's stars. With stints for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace and Dolce Tyson is a bonafide campaign icon, but his ongoing editorial work is consistently blue chip as well. Open up an issue of Hercules, VMan or Details and you're sure to see Tyson's handsome face staring back at you.

5.Arthur Kulkov
Arthur's steady career has been the envy of many for his ability to book campaigns every season. This, combined with his editorial portfolio of diverse magazines, makes him a favorite among clients who want a professional through and through

6.Ollie Edwards
Ollie Edwards has one of those careers that's the envy of male models everywhere. Since his first appearance for Ralph Lauren in 2008 (who has consistently used him season after season), the campaigns and contracts have continued unabated. The young Brit may not do that many shows and editorials but with these kind of bookings, why would he need to?

7.Jon Kortajarena
Known for his engaging presence, natural elegance and unquestionable sex appeal, Jon K has become the go to guy for campaigns in need of a little carnality. From his first appearance for Versace in the early 00's to his long term work for Tom Ford and seemingly endless portfolio of editorial work, Jon has carved out an impressive niche for himself this past decade.

8.Ryan Burns
The resurgence of Ryan Burns is no surprise to anyone who's worked with the all American charmer. Whether shorn short or with hair longer and more carefree, clients line up around the block to book him season after season.

9.Shaun De Wet
Shaun de Wet first debuted as our MOTW in June 6, 2001 and has gone from the fresh new face on the block to an industry staple even after taking several years off. His Spring 2013 crop of campaigns proves that some models are just inevitable.

10.Nacho Figueras
Professional Polo player and the face of Ralph Lauren, Nacho Figueras pulls off an admirable balancing act. As a long term favorite of Ralph he has represented the brand's multiple lines for several years and the consistency of his portfolio keeps him firmly planted at the top.



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