Ning Jing (宁静)
usnook | 2013-07-31 17:34

Ning Jing was born in Guizhou Province on April 27th, 1972. She graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. Her first big acting break came in 1990, when she starred in the film I'm Ugly, But I'm Gentle and Soft (我很丑,但我很温柔). In 1993, Ning Jing began working for Shanghai Film Studio, often playing the role of the "vivacious woman" (花旦) in films. She was given a Hundred Flowers Film Prize for her performance in the film "Red River Valley" (红河谷) in 1997.

While filming "Red River Valley", Ning Jing fell in love with her American co-star, Paul Kersey. The two quickly married, and had a child together. However, not long after, a rumour starting going around that Ning Jing married a foreigner, not out of love, but to get back at an ex who had also married a foreigner. These days, Ning Jing and Paul Kersey are still married, although they live in separate countries because "Ning Jing's green card became invalid".

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