Wear Hot Pants: Summer Fashion Trend
usinfo | 2013-05-23 10:41

Summer is close and with the seasonal changes, fashion trends keep updating. Now, you will not wear those thick woolen clothes to fight the winter chills. Summer is the season to wear light and short dresses to beat the heat. From sleeveless to shorts, summer fashion is bright, light and trendy in its own way! Hot pants is a summer fashion trend that has been in the shopping list off lately. They are smart, bold, stylish and trendy too! You can wear the retro style shorts even this summer to hit the beach or simply for shopping. If you think that hot pants can only be worn by young teens then you got to be kidding! Look at the celebrities. 

Hot pants are not just ruling the beach fashion but is one of the best buys for summers. There are many ways in which you can wear hot pants. You can either keep it classic by wearing with a shirt or just go chic by showing-off some skin in sleeveless tops. The footwear should go well with hot pants. For example, boots, flat slippers or tie ups can look good with hot pants. However, high heels will spoil the chic look completely. Even accessories can add a spark to your overall personality. You can try junk jewelery especially necklaces and anklets to carry the chic look. Check out some trendy and fashionable ways to wear hot pants this summer.
Look for a negative hemline: the hemline of your hot pants ought to curve up the outer thigh. Around the back it needs to at least follow the shape of your derriere. Some styles will curve up the thigh and the cheeks, revealing what we hope is a perfectly toned bum; we implore that such a cut be kept for the evenings.Wear hot pants only with heels, unless your name happens to be Gisele Bundchen, Natasha Poly, or you happen to be employed by Victoria’s Secret for the job of ‘Angel’. Heels will slim out your figure, and give shape to both your legs and derrière. 
If you translate the look from Spring 2010 into the Autumn (Fall) / Winter season, or even wearing out hot pants on a cool Summer evening, consider wearing them over tights or stockings. Also consider bold patterned or coloured tights, to increase the impact of the look.
In the same vein: hot pants in Spring 2010 are all about colours and patterns. Don’t feel you have to wear them solely in black, that was a 2009 interpretation of the look. Also look for unique pieces courtesy of a different fabric; a fusion between hot pants and the leather fashion trend could work wonders, though we’re also partial to a fusion with knits.
Night time hot pants allow for a whole new level of detailing, such as sequins and studs (though these aren’t precluded from day light hours).
In wearing hot pants you’re showing a lot of skin, so consider pairing them other articles of clothing that tone them down. A loose cut top, such as a billowy blouse or a boyfriend blazer, might be the perfect match.

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