The Shops at Montebello
USINFO | 2013-07-01 16:57

Montebello Town Center (now "The Shops at Montebello") is a shopping mall mainly located within the city limits of Montebello, California, with over 160 national and local retail outlets - such as Aeropostale, Disney, Gymboree, Hollister, Victoria’s Secret and BJ”s Restaurant and Brew Co.A small portion of its eastern side is actually within the city limits of Rosemead, California. It features major department stores, children's stores, smaller shops such as beauty and bath stores, health stores and salons.and a small food court. The boundary line between Montebello and Rosemead runs through the eastern end of the mall. Policing is provided by the City of Montebello. It is managed by The Macerich Company. Construction of the mall began in 1980 and was completed in 1985.The mall opened for business for 1985 Holiday Season. A comprehensive remodel was almost totally completed in 2009, in time for the holiday season.
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