Jerome's Furniture
usnook | 2013-08-01 16:33



After World War II when retail goods were once again plentiful, discounters of all types sprang up throughout the country. In 1954, Jim Navarra (Jerry's dad) and two other men with retail furniture experience opened the first discount furniture warehouse in Downtown San Diego as Strep's warehouse. The new furniture venture was wildly successful.

In 1960 Jim Navarra became the sole owner. In 1968, he changed the name to Jerome's Furniture Warehouse.  He chose the name to honor his son Jerome who we all know today as Jerry.

Recent years brought an additional growth spurt to Jerome's.  The team began to push into more northern territory opening stores in Murrieta, Corona, and Rancho Cucamonga.  A Bloopers Retail Location at the Distribution Center in Rancho Bernardo rounds out the mix.  Today, Jerome's has 9 locations in Southern California.

Today Jerome's leads the local furniture industry and the country. In 2012 Jerome's was named the 2nd fastest growing retailer in the United States.

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