Woman undergoes 'Cinderella surgery' so she can high heels
http://www.dailymail.co.uk | 2014-11-12 15:43

A woman whose painful bunion kept her from wearing high heels has spent thousands of dollars on a corrective procedure known as 'Cinderella surgery', just so she can fit her feet into the killer styles once again.

Prior to the surgery, New York City resident Denise Maione-Schwind, a 35-year-old flight attendant, would often spend her evenings alone at home, unable to withstand the agony caused by heels, but determined not to wear flats on a night out.

The Bunionplasty, a cosmetic procedure which Dr Neal Blitz has trademarked, corrected the bony bump on the side of her left foot, allowing her to get back into her beloved shoe collection.

Ms Maione-Schwind was even able to walk within a week, despite the severity of the procedure, which costs thousands of dollars and has seen some women have their toes shortened or their feet completely reshaped.

'I realized I was no longer able to walk or dance around in heels because of my bunion and like many other women I have invested quite a lot in designer heels,' she explained.

She added: 'The thought of not being able to wear heels again was daunting - as someone who loves to dance and enjoy life, flats were not an option - I was determined to dance in heels again.'

The shoe lover admitted that she was scared on the day of the Bunionplasty, which was her first ever surgical procedure, but revealed that she never doubted her decision to undergo the procedure.

During the healing process, the protective shoe she was required to wear was a conversation starter - in fact she learned that she wasn't alone in her suffering.

'I never knew how many people have bunions - some bigger and more agonizing than others,' she said.

But now, the bony bump that once ruled her social life is nothing more than a secret scar.

'Unless I tell them, no-one can tell I had the surgery,' she said.

Ms Maione-Schwind can now happily sport any shoe she wishes, pain free, and even hopes to run the New York Marathon, which would have caused her severe discomfort in the past.

Dr Blitz, a Manhattan-based reconstructive foot surgeon who created the Bunionplasty, said that Ms Maione-Schwind had put off the surgery for years because of her demanding job, but once she found the time enjoyed a speedy recovery.

He added: 'It allowed her to immediately walk on the foot without the need for a cast and crutches.'
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