USINFO | 2013-07-15 11:45


Since the beginning of Emerica was actually the beginning of Etnies skate shoes and Etnies America we will start there. When Etnies skate shoes first started they where not sold in America. Rautureau Apple was the company that started the Etnies line, but it was not until Pierre André Senizergues started to distribute this line to the United States that the Etnies America became the first skate shoe brand that was actually owned and distributed by a pro skateboarder.

During the year 1992 Pierre was able to make a licensing deal with Rautureau Apple, the company that produced Etnies in Europe, so that he could start to design and produce the shoes in the United States. During the year 1995 Rautureau Apple was bought by a European shoe conglomerate which an American company was soon able to be purchased.

People now recognize Emerica skate shoes as a awesome well oiled skate shoe with good friction and that it is good for everyday use unlike other skate shoes as well as a snowboarding shoes corporation. 

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