Consumer Protection Agency
USINFO | 2013-11-13 14:43

Consumer Protection Agency is a leading open community of consumers and businesses connected online whose mission is to increase customer satisfaction and business reputation through effective online collaboration. Consumer Protection Agency works hard to ensure that consumer rights are protected while businesses improve their credibility.

Consumer Protection Agency with the authority and accountability to supervise, examines, and enforces consumer financial protection laws. Financial transactions falling under the agency's jurisdiction would include mortgages, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, payday loans, and more. The Consumer Protection agency would work in these areas to ban deceptive practices, ensure the safety and fairness of new consumer financial products that come on to the market and, generally, to promote transparency, simplicity, fairness, accountability, and access.
Encourages states to prescribe standards applicable to persons (other than insured depository institutions or credit unions) to deter and detect unfair, deceptive, abusive, fraudulent, or illegal transactions in the provision of products or services. Customer Protection Agency to regulate establishing minimum standards. Defines "standard Customer Protection Agency or services" and allows the Agency to prescribe regulations or guidance concerning the offering of them at or before the time an alternative consumer financial product or service is offered.
Customer Protection Agency sets forth prohibitions regarding marketing and advertising, agreement terms and fees, refusals to permit access to records, and providing assistance in unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices.

Customer Protection Agency describes the enforcement authorities of states under this Act. Customer Protection Agency describes the investigative and adjudicatory authorities and procedures of the Agency, including procedures for referral for the institution of criminal proceedings. Provides identification and availability requirements for the maintenance of records of the number and dollar amounts of deposit accounts for each branch, automated teller machine at which deposits are accepted, and other deposit-taking service facility with respect to any financial institution.


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