Pittsburgh Stock Exchange
USINFO | 2013-11-15 16:33

The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange was a large regional stock market located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from November 11, 1864 (originally as "Thurston's Oil Exchange") until being closed on August 23, 1974 due to an extended national bear market and increased computerization that would eventually centralize many regional stock market trading to New York.It was alternatively named the Pittsburgh Coal Exchange starting on May 27, 1870  after many oil exchanges were being consolidated by Standard Oil and then as the Pittsburgh Oil Exchangeon July 21, 1878 with 180 members. On July 25, 1896 with increased interest from all industries the Exchange formally took the name Pittsburgh Stock Exchange though it had been referred to by that name since the spring of 1894.

At its height the exchange traded over 1,200 companies but by the last trading day in 1974 only Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Williams & Company and Westinghouse remained listed. A total of 11 companies traded the last day with 3,100 shares.
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