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Investment immigrant America becomes foreigners to obtain permanent resident status of an important way. The provisions of the immigration laws for investment immigration is very simple and direct. Expert analysis, as long as meet the following three conditions are eligible to apply for investment immigrant green card:
1. Before to the immigration office to apply for immigration, investment of not less than $500000 in economic strength;
2. The source of funds has been proved to be legal;
3.  Interested in the investment to obtain permanent residency in the United States.
So, which several steps of overseas students through the EB - 5 investment immigration status?

Investment fund to prepare
The minimum capital requirement for investment immigration is $500000. Some require a $one million investment fund investment area. For some foreign students out of the investment fund is unlikely. But these students have more relatives and friends. As long as the rich relatives and friends willing to foreign students in the investment fund, the foreign students have the ability to deal with investment immigrant. Hope to deal with investment immigrant students; therefore, depends on whether to raise the investment fund in the first place. Immigration law there is no limit to what one can give a $five hundred thousand investment fund. But from what I have to handle the investment immigration applications, most of the investment fund from my family and friends of the gift. As a parent told, many international students are only children. Parents consider their children through their struggling to obtain permanent residence status is difficult in the United States, time is long, and there is a green card a great help to their children graduate to find a job, just to send their children a green card as a gift, convenience of children in the future career development.

However, we should say that the investment is by investing in application to migration, itself must be a risky investment. Investors on the immigration laws do not allow the project party to do any form of commitment and guarantee, even if the investment project very safe sound. Therefore, if the pinch pennies saved for many years, investment fund is parents investors must be careful consideration, we suggest that students look before you leap.

Looking for investment project
Investment project selection is student’s priority of investors. A good project is critical, is directly related to investment money back, and temporary green card positive in the future. Now the propaganda of domestic investment immigrant project is multifarious. We suggest that the students themselves to do some more investment projects in the United States "homework", at the same time let the family meeting at home for some more investment projects, to understand the nature of the investment projects and advantages (usually cannot know the disadvantage of project promotion meeting). Careful remind family called the "government projects" "low-risk, high return" "risk-free" "by the xyz company insurance" "is not successful, guarantee a refund" sounds "rest assured" investors of investment projects. Some project company or intermediary please some federal or local government officials in the United States even before the current government officials to promote a particular investment project in China, this is not to say that the former and current officials of any political or economic responsibility of the investment projects. Some investment project has not been approved by the immigration department or material is not yet ready to complete, will spread to China.

Prepare investment documents
Investment documents preparation depends on several factors. First of all, the investments form. If students to deal with direct investment immigration (that is, to start his own company), to prepare a lot of investment and legal documents. And for people because of the company are different, have different preparations and contents of the file. Here due to space limitations, not involved. If students choose investment immigration approved regional center for investment projects, investment need to prepare documents more simple. Party more than half of the project has been ready for students investors submit files needed for immigration application. But students when investors should invest in sign these legal documents carefully understand the contents of the documents signed by and USES. Then, depends on age of student. If foreign students more than 21 years old should let the parents as the primary applicant, students as the minor children accompany father or the mother get American green card, so, the same number of investment fund, can let the whole family to get American green card. But if students are full 21 years old, students need to be dealt with in the name of his investment immigration.

What investment documents need to prepare? The file there are three main aspects: first, the investment project file. Second, investment fund sources report. This part of the material preparation work is very meticulous, sometimes is very complicated. Many investors need to ask professional personage to help. Our firm successfully for many investment customers investment fund report. Third, the investor's personal materials, such as passport, birth certificate, marriage notarization, no criminal record notarization, etc. The above three aspects of the file to be short of one cannot.

Submit an application for investment immigration
Investment immigration applications generally submit immigration directly by the lawyer or regional centers. Different relatives and labor migration, investment immigrant of immigration application form I - 526. The forms are not complicated, but never suggest students to handle your immigration application (DIY). Is one of the reasons behind this form requires a lot of the material support. A package I - 526 applications often have several pounds, as many as several hundred pages. The content of the immigration requirements supplement also involve many aspects. Advice before or after the selected investment projects to hire a lawyer to help as soon as possible, for their I - 526 immigration application is approved smoothly.

Submit an application for adjustment of status
Investors still though investment immigrant visas, students have to wait until after the immigration department approve I - 526 applications to submit the I - 485 to adjust the identity of the application. That is to say, students must also submit I - 526 application after maintain their effective non immigration status (F 1, F -, 2 H - 1 b and H - 4, etc.). If the I - 526 immigration application is immigration approval before don't want to or cannot continue to maintain the effective of immigration status, investors have to leave the United States, students waiting for the immigrant visa application abroad, cannot have no legal status in the United States. After lawyers filed the I - 485 for adjustment status, investors will receive a receipt, and international students play fingerprints photographic notice, then received a work permit and back to the card, you can use a work permit to work, go back to the card back to the United States, no longer need to go through the entry visa.

Permanent resident status (green card)
Immigration review by students after I - 485 application of investors, directly to the U.S. permanent resident (green card) mailed to students the home address of investors. The green CARDS emblazoned with a valid for two years. That is, investment immigrant green card is a conditional green card for two years. Two years before the expiry of the validity period of 90 days, investment immigrant should contact immigration lawyer or regional center began to prepare to submit application for temporary green card turned official green card (I - 829). If the investment project is the regional center project, temporary green card turn a formal application for a green card (I - 829) need proof materials prepared by the regional center and immigration lawyer, investors is easy. If the investment project is a direct investment of the project, the investor himself, accountants and lawyers must spend considerable energy and effort to prepare for the I - 829 application packages. Student investors in four years to get a green card after nine months of can be ready to submit an application for naturalization citizens of the United States.

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