A Los Angeles-area man who admitted operating two websites that sold counterfeit IDs was sentenced in federal court Tuesday to 33 months in prison for transferring false identification documents.

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by Shi | 2014-03-06

The federal government shutdown last year delayed more than 37,000 immigration hearings by months or years for immigrants already waiting in lengthy lines to plead for asylum or green cards.

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by Lingli | 2014-05-12

WASHINGTON — In April 2011, a Border Patrol agent was ordered to undergo counseling after an immigrant filed a formal complaint charging that the agent had slammed the man's head against a rock near Tucson, Ariz. In August of that year, an immigran

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by Lingli | 2014-04-21

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — At least 80 immigrants suspected of entering the United States illegally have been arrested in a makeshift encampment in South Texas. They were found in an undeveloped patch of scrub near an abandoned tennis club. They were camped

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by Lingli | 2014-04-14

A Mexican immigrant who entered the United States as a minor is facing the prospect of deportation because she was convicted for selling pot brownies at her high school to raise money for a prom dress she just had to have. The immigrant, Saira Muno

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by Lingli | 2014-04-09

BOSTON (AP) — An aunt of President Barack Obama who was denied asylum in the U.S. but stayed illegally for years has died in Massachusetts. Zeituni Onyango (zay-TOO'-nee ohn-YAHN'-goh) was 61. Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong represented Onyango in

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