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usnook | 2013-08-05 13:35

Dr. Marcus graduated from Loyola School of Dentistry.  After graduation he went into private practice with his father.  In 1990 he joined the group dental practice affiliated with the University of Chicago as a Clinical Associate where he helped teach and educate incoming residents. In 2005 the group dental practice became private and born out of this was University Associates in Dentistry.

Dr. Marcus has also managed the group dental practice University Associates in Dentistry, seeing its exponential growth over the years.

Instrumental in bringing in technologies, education and marketing concepts, he has transformed a 20 year dental practice into a well respected, locally and nationally recognized dental facility, serving their patients with state of the art care as well as offering dentists mentorship and educational programs. With help from the latest in computerized dentistry, Dr. Marcus uses Cerec technology, which allows him to place crowns, fillings and veneers in just one visit.Dr. Marcus’ passion for dentistry is three-fold:

Creating beautiful, natural smiles and teeth that function well together; whether it is one tooth or a complete arch of teeth, the details matter.A warm and friendly customer service experience with the best staff members, and continuing education, keeping abreast of ever evolving changes in dental technology and research and the clinical application of this information in our “state of the art” facility.

Address:  222 N. LaSalle, #230. Chicago, IL 60601



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