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Dr. Cirka has owned and operated his own dental practice in Philadelphia for the past eight years.  His gentle demeanor in the office has translated into strong loyalty with both patients and staff.  Patients have repeatedly told him as well as multiple review websites like Dr.Oogle and Yelp that their visits to his office have been the best dental visits of their adult lives.

 Align Technology, Inc. – “Improving Clinical Results with Invisalign G3″
 The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Barry Levin – “Site Development: A 5-Year Update on the Science and Art of Tissue Engineering”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Drs. Joseph Greenberg and Timothy Greco – “Total Facial Esthetics: How to Examine, Diagnose and Treat to a Predictably Successful Cosmetic Outcome”

 Pride Institute – Team Extreme
 Align Technology, Inc. – “Invisalign: Practice Integration Seminar” – Gary Kadi Lecture
 The Cosmetic Consortium Annual Meeting – Jay Geier of The Scheduling Institute – “Ramping Up Your Practice”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Stuart Isler – “Confronting Cosmetic Complexities”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Stephen Brown – “Narrow Diameter Implants: Creative Solutions to Old Problems”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Managing Occlusion with Invisalign”
Align Technology, Inc. – “To Start or Not to Start? Secrets to Invisalign Success”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Jonathan H. Orenstein – “My Evolution in Provisional Restorations for Tooth and Implant Restorative Dentistry”
Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Brian Trava – “3-D Dentistry”
Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Martin Jablow – “State-of-the-Art Diagnostics”
Dental Learning Institute – Dr. G. Franklin Shull, Jr.- ” Direct Composite Resins for Everyday Success”
Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Robert Lowe – “World Class Crown and Bridge: Techniques to Create Optimal Results”
Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Ron Kaminer – “Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Concepts, Technology and Techniques for Everyday Practice”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Henry Salama – “Making Successful Clinical Decisions in Anterior Esthetic and Implant Therapy: Success by Design”

 The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Louis Rossman – “Endodontics: Past, Present & Future”
Brian Grubb – “Radar On, Antennae Up”
Align Technology, Inc. – Dr. J. Fulop-Goodling – “G3 Updates”
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. – “Conventional Dental Radiography Review”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Invisalign Secrets of Success for the Orthodontic Practice”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Efficient Staff Delegation During Invisalign Treatment”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Combined Treatment with Invisalign”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Treatment Monitoring: Top Ten Things That Can Go Wrong”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Attachment Placement & Monitoring”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Case Study-Diastema/Frenectomy”
Align Technology, Inc. – “Lower Incisor Extraction Cases with Invisalign”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Brad Klassman – “Immediate Loading, Fact or Fantasy: What We Know, What We Think We Know, What Remains To Be Learned”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Daniel Taub – “New Vistas in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: What’s Hot and What’s Not!”

 Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Aesthetic Considerations in Restoring Congenially Missing Lateral Incisors”
Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Zirconia Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone”
Greater New York Dental Meeting – “The 10 Decisions for Restorative Success”
Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Crown & Bridge 101: A 2009 Update on Basic Techniques for Indirect Restorations”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Jon Suzuki – “Current Concepts of Socket and Ridge Preservation”
The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Raymond Yukna – “The Future of Lasers in Periodontal Therapy”
Academy of General Dentistry – “Managing Complez Interdisciplinary Treatment Challenges”
Academy of General Dentistry – “Are You Avoiding the 10 Big Practice Management ‘MESStakes’?”
Center City Study Club – Dr. William W. Roberts – “Utilization of Anchorage Pins in Pre-prosthetic Orthodontic Alignment”
Align Technology, Inc. – “ClinCheck: Evaluation and Modification”
Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Joseph Fiorellini – “Practical Use of Growth Factors in Everyday Practice”
CE For Dental – Infection Control
 American Society for Clinical Research (ASCR) – Dr. Michael Mann – “LUMINEERS Smile Design Workshop”
Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Marcus Blatz – “The Ceramic Update in Esthetic and Implant Dentistry”

 Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Harold Baumgarten – “Strategies for Immediate Loading of Dental Implants”
Straumann LLC, USA – Dr. Joel Laudenbach – “Common Oral Lesions and Management Strategies in Private Practice”
Qi Enterprises – Dr. Paul Homoly – “Making it Easy for Patients to Say Yes!”
Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. I. Stephen Brown – “New Concepts Old Friends”

 Academy of General Dentistry – Drs. Paul J. Berson & Harold Yaffe – “’The Dental Spa,’ Anatomy of an Extraordinary Cosmetic Practice”

 Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Stephen Chu – “Dental Cosmetics: Mastering the Fabulous Four”
Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Orhan Tuncay – “Design Elements of the Invisalign System and Their Implementation”

 Align Technology, Inc. – “GP Certification I”
Align Technology, Inc. – “GP Certification II”

Address: 1601 Walnut Street. Suite 1302. Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215.568.6222

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