'Green cabs' a success
nydaily news | 2013-12-01 21:21


'Green cabs' a success? Hail yes!

The new taxis in the boroughs — opposed by Bill de Blasio — are such a success there are already 1,000 cabs on the road, Mayor Bloomberg said Tuesday.
Bloomberg, who recently vowed not to criticize his successor, stopped short of calling on de Blasio to keep the taxis.
“I have no idea what he’s going to do,” he said about the initiative, which de Blasio unsuccessfully tried to stop in court.
But the mayor took pains to point out how much the borough taxis have benefited the city.

“It’s good for everybody. It’s good for yellow cabs, it’s good for green cabs . . . and it’s good for the people of New York,” said Bloomberg in front of cheering livery drivers and top Taxi & Limousine Commission officials at a Brooklyn news conference.
In the three months they’ve been on the road, the cabs have made nearly 300,000 trips covering 885,000 miles, he said.

The taxis — often called green cabs because of their color — can pick up street hails outside Manhattan and in Manhattan north of E. 96th and W. 110th Sts.
De Blasio, who has received more than $350,000 in campaign donations from the taxi industry, joined a lawsuit filed by yellow cab medallion owners to stop the mayor’s plan.
The lawsuit failed, but he has said since then that he is concerned green cabs could threaten the stability of the yellow cab industry.

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