Vaxess Technologies
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Vaxess Technologies Incorporated
Founded December 18, 2011 (2011-12-18)
Headquarters Allston, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Vaxess Technologies, Inc. is a company started by a team of four students from Harvard that commercializes a Tufts University technology which stabilizes vaccines into a thin film strip that can be shipped and stored without refrigeration.[1][2]

Students Michael Schrader, LivioValenti, Kathryn Kosuda, and Patrick Ho started Vaxess in December 2011, based on a technology created by David Kaplan and FiorenzoOmenetto.[3][4][5] In 2012, it was award $25,000 from Harvard Business School for Harvard's Business Plan Contest in the Business Ventures Track [6][7][8][3][9]Vaxess Technologies was a semi-finalist for MIT's $100K Entrepreneurship Competition in the Life Sciences section.[10][11] In 2012, it won the Harvard President's Challenge in the Global Health section and was awarded $70,000.[12][13][14][15]

Vaxess's business plan is based around a technology developed by Tufts University Professors FiorenzoOmenetto and David Kaplan. The technology that stabilizes vaccines into a thin film strip which can be shipped and stored without refrigeration, eliminating the need for a cold chain.[16][17] The technology uses a protein found in silk known as fibroin to preserve the vaccines on a thin strip to avoid the need for refrigeration.[18]Vaxess plans to release a product in three to five years.[19]
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