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VaxGen is a biopharmaceutical company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
As of July 28, 2010, VaxGen Inc. was acquired by diaDexus, Inc., in a reverse merger transaction. VaxGen, Inc. does not have significant operations. The company seeks to enter into a strategic transaction or series of strategic transactions. Previously, it was engaged in the development of vaccines that immunize against infectious disease. The company was founded in 1995 and was based in South San Francisco, California.

In 1990s VaxGen developed, and began trials of, an AIDSvaccine called AIDSVAX. However, in 2003 it was announced that the preliminary trials of the vaccine, conducted in Thailand and Indianapolis, Indiana had been unsuccessful.[1][2]

Current development
VaxGen is currently attempting to develop vaccines to combat Smallpox, Anthrax and Meningitis B.[3]

Anthrax vaccine
Vaxgen had focused its recent efforts on a new form of Anthrax Vaccine, for which it was awarded a $877 million dollar contract to provide the vaccine under the Project Bioshield Act.[4] In December 2006, HHS unilaterally withdrew the $877 million dollar contract, sending the stock tumbling as low as $1.20 per share.
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