Family Care Plus
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Company Size
51-200 employees
Hospital & Health Care
Family Care Plus is built on the foundation of family, and true family experiences. Through our personal experiences, difficulties and frustrations in finding the correct care for our own loved ones, we realized there was a true need for top quality live-in care. As a family with a medical background and knowing the need, it was the natural path to take in establishing our own agency. 

At Family Care Plus, we understand that sometimes it is difficult making decisions regarding the care of our loved ones. Through our personal and professional experience, we also understand that two needs must be met: the needs of your loved ones and equally important, your needs. 

At Family Care Plus, we specialize in 24-Hour Live-In care, staffed by our specially trained Caregivers, all of whom are supervised by our Field Supervisors. With our caring, compassionate and supportive staff as Caregivers, you will receive peace of mind knowing your loved one is well taken care of. You will receive that much needed time off and respite, and you will be fully informed as to any medical needs or changes in your loved one. 
Family Care Plus, founded in 1997 as a family agency, has many years of experience in giving families more life-time.

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