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Company Overview
Stauffers of Kissel Hill’s founder, Roy M. Stauffer, Sr., was born and raised on the Stauffer Fruit Farm in Warwick Township, a few miles southeast of Lititz.  His father, Tilman, raised fruits and vegetables and sold them on the farm and to local stores.  Some of the produce was peddled door to door.
In 1932, Roy Stauffer, Sr., opened a fruit stand along the Lititz Pike on leased ground on the south side of Kissel Hill.   Following the loss of the stand through fire in 1937, the brick Kissel Hill home and small farm of five acres were purchased.  At the time there were eight children, four sons and four daughters comprising the Stauffer family.  This same year a front lawn stand was opened, at which watermelons and cantaloupes were added to the locally-raised produce.  Gross receipts for July 17th, 1937 were $10.80.
Later that year, the present Kissel Hill building at Lititz was begun.  The small beginning grew rapidly with the addition of several employees, and the help of the family.  Services were further expanded with the sale of trees and shrubs.
As the business prospered, it became necessary to find additional sources of supply so fresh produce could be continuously available.  Realizing the necessity to dispense the produce in its freshest state, items from Adams County, New Jersey, New York and terminals in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York were purchased, in addition to local produce.  Roy, Sr., also attended and sold produce at various farmer’s markets throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, in addition to the retail sales at the Stauffer Fruit Market.
By 1950 there were 12 children in the family.  However, death as a result of illness had claimed the life of one, a thirteen year old son.  In 1952, Roy, Sr. underwent surgery and died the following year.  Thereafter Mrs. Stauffer, with the help of the children, operated the business under Roy, Jr.’s management.
A major re-organization of the business took place in 1956 when Roy, Jr. and brother-in-law Jay Oberholtzer formed a partnership and rented the business.  A corporation was formed three years later when the business was purchased from Mrs. Stauffer, and Earl, a third member and brother, was added to the management team.  Two years later (1961), another brother, Jim, joined the firm, to be accompanied a short time later by Paul, the youngest of the Stauffer sons.
The strength and stability of the business in the hands of hard working owners and a progressive corporate board made it possible to open a second store in 1964, featuring the same line of products offered at the original location.  This is located on Route 272, one mile north of Lancaster.  Later that same decade, the organization took on the trade name of “Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill.”
Business prospered with the years, so a third and fourth store was added at Rohrerstown (1970) and Leola (1971).  With the purchase of the Bair Farm in 1974, the Leola store and the present Landscape Center (formerly located at the Leola store) were moved to their present location on New Holland Pike.
In July 1983, a twenty-acre plot of ground was purchased in the northwest corner of Lititz Pike and Millport Road.  On this tract was built a large store which opened in March 1985, and replaced the retail store at 813 Lititz Pike, which began in 1937.  The corporate offices and food distribution center remained at 813 Lititz Pike.  Additional retail nursery and garden centers were added in York and Harrisburg.
The large expansion of services now included the following:  produce, grocery, bakery, seafood, meat and deli, gardening supplies, foliage plants, floral design, home accents, Christmas department, trees and shrubs, perennials, mulch, water gardening and more.  Over 70 years later, the company has grown to include over 1,000 employees.
In 1932, Roy Stauffer, Sr. had a dream.  Today, the board of directors and every manager and employee on our team are developing that dream into the reality we know as Stauffers of Kissel Hill.
Our Board of Directors

Top Left:  Steve Gallion, Jeff Stauffer, Donovan Oberholtzer
Bottom Left:  Eric Stauffer and Jere Stauffer

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