George P. Bush
USINFO | 2013-09-30 16:27
George Prescott Bush (born April 24, 1976) is an attorney, U.S. Navy Reserve officer, real estate investor, andpolitician. He is a candidate for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office in 2014. He is the eldest son of former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, the nephew of former President George W. Bush, and the grandson of former President George H. W. Bush. George Prescott is also named for his great-grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush.
At the age of 12, Bush spoke before the 1988 Republican National Convention, which nominated his grandfather. He also spoke at the 1992 convention, when H.W. Bush was renominated. He campaigned for his uncle, George W. Bush, during the2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns. In his speeches he stated support for his uncle's position in favor of comprehensive immigration reform.
He has expressed his opinion on some issues. In August 2004, during a trip to Mexico sponsored by the group Republicans Abroad, he called Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez a dictator and criticized the U.S. Border Patrol's use of guns which fire plastic pellets packed with chili powder. Bush was quoted as telling Mexican media, "If there has been American approval for this policy, that is reprehensible. It's kind of barbarous." He attributed the gun usage to "some local INS guy who's trying to be tough, act macho", although it is an agency policy.

When asked in 2003 about whether he planned to run for office himself, Bush replied that his grandmother, Barbara Bush, had advised that anyone thinking about entering politics should distinguish himself in some other field first: "Make a name for yourself, have a family, marry someone great, have some kids, buy a house, pay taxes, and do the things everyone also does instead of just running out and saying, 'Hey, I'm the nephew of or the son of or the grandson of...'." Speaking specifically of his father's White House ambitions, he cites "Bush fatigue" as a discouraging factor.

Bush criticized Florida Governor Charlie Crist for accepting money from the stimulus package, calling for a return to fiscal conservatism. In January 2010, he endorsed Marco Rubio, Crist's opponent for the United States Senate.

Bush served as a member of several diplomacy missions including one to Nicaragua for the second peaceful transfer of power in that country and to Brazil for the Pan American Games in 2007. He also joined two US Congressional Delegations, one to Saudi Arabia during the Arab Spring of 2011 and one to Turkey during the neighboring Syrian civil war in 2012.
He is currently deputy finance chairman of the Republican Party of Texas
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