Argent Ventures
USINFO | 2013-11-19 12:03


Argent Ventures is a privately held real estate company based in New York City that owns the land under Grand Central Terminal and the land around 156 miles of Metro-North Railroad railway tracks in the New York City metropolitan area.

Among other high profile buildings currently owned are:

•Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California (bought from British record company EMI in 2006)

•Omni International Mall in Miami, Florida (the company received permission in March 2007 to redevelop into a complex of six towers between 58 and 65 floors)

The company was spun off in 1996 from by Andrew S. Penson from Amroc Investments which specializes in turning around distressed properties.

Two of its earlier properties that have since been sold included:

•Chrysler Building in New York (minority interest)

•Manhattan Mall in New York

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