Honolulu-Best Cities of American Ranks 19
businessweek | 2013-11-08 09:11


Rank: 19
Population: 399,124

Honolulu, the gateway to Hawaii, may rank behind Lincoln, Neb., for best air quality, but it has a pretty healthy lead in shoreline property. The Pacific melting pot’s residents make one of the highest median household incomes on this list. When tourists swarming Waikiki Beach get to be too much, locals can easily drive across their island to Oahu’s North Shore, a surfer’s paradise. In town, Honolulu houses one of the nation’s great cultural collections, the Bishop Museum.

Bars: 105
Restaurants: 1,296
Museums: 31
Libraries: 38
Pro sports teams: 0
Park acres per 1,000 residents: 7 (countywide)
Colleges: 10
Percent with graduate degree: 8.9
Median household income: $78,233
Percent unemployed: 6.4


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