New York-Best Cities of American Ranks 7
businessweek | 2013-11-08 09:58



New York
Rank: 7
Population: 8,110,206

The nation’s biggest and most international city, New York blows all other cities out of the water with its more than 1,200 bars, 22,000 restaurants, 350 museums, and almost as many libraries. World famous universities such as Columbia University and New York University dominate their respective neighborhoods. With Wall Street, Broadway, and the home of America’s advertising and fashion centers, be careful telling New Yorkers their city shouldn’t sit atop the list.

Bars: 1,220
Restaurants: 22,320
Museums: 356
Libraries: 341
Pro sports teams: 8
Park acres per 1,000 residents: 5
Colleges: 103
Percent with graduate degree: 9.6
Median household income: $58,608
Percent unemployed: 11

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