DIY driveway cracks filled
USINFO | 2014-06-19 16:28

Driveway or basement floor cracks often due to various reasons , large or small . These cracks can be filled in a timely manner to prevent its further expansion , reduce your loss of money .

Small cracks on the ground with cracks can be easily sealed plastic (Crack Sealer) to repair . The large cracks you will need to find a professional assessment before repair. Because if filled properly, there will be some cracks in repairing all kinds of troubles and problems. The following teaches you yourself , DIY fill small cracks ground :

Tools :

Wire brush Wire Brush

Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Acid concrete cleaner Nonacidic Concrete Cleaner

Sand Sand

Ruler Ruler

Crack sealant Crack Sealer

Hammer Hammer

Cold Chisel Cold Chisel

Ethylene Vinyl Concrete Patch Concrete Patch

Spatula Trowel

Brush Brush

Adhesive Bonding Adhesive bonding

Wood or metal sander Wooden Float or Metal Float

Dealing with small cracks

1. with a wire brush to clean the cracks . Vacuum any debris.

2. with a non- acidic cleaner to clean the concrete cracks and around , let it dry.

3. cracks deeper than one inch , pour 1 /4 inch of sand , then 1 /4 inch plastic cracks , the cracks of cement glue is best produced in the same factory. Let glue dry a crack overnight . Finally, then glue the crack until it is filled.

Handling large cracks

4. the bottom of the crack with a chisel and hammer chisel , making the gap wider than the top.

5. with a spatula to fill the ethylene concrete patch 1/ 4 inches ( if there is a crack / 2 inch deep ) . Let the patch dry, then vinyl concrete patch up the cracks are filled.

6. if the depth of the crack in 1/ 2 inches , an adhesive can be used . If the crack depth of 1 inch or more, you can mix the concrete patches and sand . Note the use of the same brand . With a spatula to fill the vinyl concrete patch cracks 1/ 4. Let patch dried , and finally fill the 1/ 4 inches .

7. so that the patch dry until it's bright surface , usually takes a few days . Metal grinding machine grinding, smoothing the surface .Finally, wood sander to make the patch surface texture.

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