Carpet maintenance
USINFO | 2014-06-19 17:38

In contact with the carpet at the legs of furniture should be placed cushion or frequently moving furniture; serious wear and tear on parts, in addition to taking to the protective covering, but also the use of swap positions. Since the inner surface layer of carpet fiber, easy to accumulate dust, the best way is often used along with hair vacuum cleaner direction, so you can keep the carpet clean.

Experts suggest that once a week for the carpet cleaning, vacuum cleaners currently have a pure suction type, tapping rod and three kinds of vacuum rotary bristle brush approach, are applicable to the carpet pile close; while Terry carpet, can only be used with a vacuum cleaner suction function. Furthermore, when using the vacuum cleaner should last push direction along the pile.

It is worth noting that, when cleaning do not use tools dentate or rough edges, it will damage the surface layer of the carpet fibers. Such as carpet wool closure appears, you need to wipe with a clean towel soaked in hot water, and combed straight comb, smooth hair with an iron ironing pad with a damp cloth, restore the status quo.

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