Eight points of buying sofa
USINFO | 2014-06-19 17:46


1 , consider the style
When the selection of sofas , should see a nice sofa in the store , immediately buy a home . Buy back only to find in showrooms in very nice style, in your own home is very awkward. Be sure to pay attention to the sofa style and overall decor of dissonant harmony when selecting a sofa . Relative to the home base of the decoration , sofa in addition to using the function , but also played a role to bring the environment. Therefore , sofa styles and colors must be familiar with home decoration , decorative unity of the main colors .

2 ,  consider the size
The selection of the sofa in the market , you will find a lot size sofa , there are hundreds of species. Brand sofa store generally has showrooms to display their products. It should be noted that the exhibition hall to our visual sense are relatively wide, if you're just with the naked eye to estimate the size of the sofa tend to produce a lot of bias, so there will be such a situation , bought the sofa too , living room become overcrowded ; sofa size is small, and the overall space imbalance. Therefore , in the selection of sofa, wide hall to avoid being misled , you should first understand your own living room or bedroom area , and then choose the right sofa.

3 , family style
Moreover , even when fully take into account the sofa watching the usual number of families living habits, such as leaning on the couch watching old people like newspapers , kids like to eat snacks on the couch , young people like to drink coffee while watching TV , in this case , you can choose an open grid combined with the armrest of the sofa, or choose a sofa with a removable shelf , shelf storage or use of open grid , saving space and easy life , living in a small apartment space does not allow under the circumstances , in particular, can learn from.

4, capacity without considering the sofa
Sofa loading capacity determines the life of the sofa , and the sofa frame and directly determines the loading capacity of the sofa . To choose a durable sofa , sofa first frame to see whether the persistent easy to change . Be sure to choose the sofa frame wood texture , they turned in a solid wood frame imported eucalyptus wood is preferred. Sofa made with eucalyptus wood main frame warranty at least six years , which is generally the timber can not be compared .

5 , considered resilient sofa
If there are young children , kids usually like hopping on the couch to go home to pay attention, to take into account when selecting a sofa couch is easily deformed. Traditional sofa frame generally only use serpentine spring , so the sofa after a period of time are prone to collapse deformation problems , thus affecting the appearance and use of the sofa . Now back to the good stretch sofa commonly used serpentine spring with bandages combine firmness and resilience of this sofa will get double strengthened, even if your kids bounce house on the sofa cushions are not easy to deform .

6, consider comfort cushion
Excellent too soft sofas , sit not suitable for normal human body , the body will have some impact spine . Now the market is comfortable sofa with a feather sponge plus new upholstery, sofa frame at the bottom of the first foreshadowing of different multi- resilient foam cushion to take care of in the course of a uniform force , while adding a feather sponge ingredients , so you can solve the traditional sofa cushions soft or rigid process issues , and new entrants such bearing down on the sofa to ensure the comfort simultaneously satisfy human needs .

7, consider the sofa washability
If the home of the elderly and children , to choose stain , wear good sofa fabric. In addition to leather to fabric , suede and twill fabric is preferred, this material has a delicate touch similar to animal fur , and its latitude and longitude lines combined with high density, wear-resistant , not easily deformed . Has a strong waterproof, anti-fouling , anti- oil, anti- tearing function , very suitable for families with pets . Meanwhile when buying a sofa , you can also set multiple customized sofa sets , easy to replace them regularly cleaned .

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