Tips for bathroom cleaning
USINFO | 2014-06-19 17:52


Impervious tile mold measures
Bathroom wall tiles paved multi-use . In order to maintain its clean and bright, multi-purpose decontamination cream can be used for cleaning . As tile gap can be first with a toothbrush dipped in a little cream decontamination cleaning , then brush with a waterproofing agent to the hair in the crevice . This is not only impervious , but also anti- fungal growth .

Clever method to wipe the glass
Blurred. You can spray glass cleaner sprayed with a big X shape on a piece of glass , mirror and clean the windows because of the close contact with the water temporarily cast watermark. Then wring the cloth folded , rub in one direction along the circle , the glass until the seventh dry , then wipe with a dry cloth . Also rub with old newspapers , paper, ink can make glass bright as ever, but also stubborn dirt can be rubbed away.

Leading perfect faucet
These detergent chrome faucet will become dull appearance . You can take a neutral spray cleaner on the cloth and then gently wipe Ruanmian faucets, faucet ( shower ) often gets a variety of shower gel , shampoo , detergent , etc. Once a week. Do not use acidic cleaners or abrasive tools , wire brush to "torture" taps.

To do the whitening mask toilet
Take toilet after cleaning it again, first into the amount of water in the toilet . Then pour about 510 ml liquid cleaners or hydrochloric acid , scrub with a brush after coating uniformity , such as heavy dirt , then pour a little detergent can be soaked scrub until clean, then rinse with water can be.

Ceramic bright as new
Is to use white vinegar and lemon peel. Ware first scrub the dirt surface clean, clean guard with a convenient and environmentally friendly as well as methods . Then wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar sanitary surface or wipe with lemon peel, just a short time , Ware will look like new , it will emit a fragrance .

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