Home decoration -- avoid seven colors
USINFO | 2014-06-19 17:59


Navy blue
Home all dark blue , long time, the home will generate chi virtually lifeless , all the negative nature , but also due to peace in the home.

Purple paint more than those at home , although it can be said is Purple themselves in fragrance, but unfortunately some purple in the red family generations, virtually issued a dazzling sense of color , easy to make at home in the heart there is a uneasy feeling.

Home who painted pink , the color most large fierce , pink easy to make people feel irritable , prone to quarrel , fight and wrong, things to quarrel frequently ; especially the newlyweds , in order to adjust the boudoir atmosphere , in the eyes of the ordinary person who is extremely romantic , but does not reconcile with the tone , after some time , they will have inexplicable mood Firelight , easy to Zhimaxiaoshi noisy finish, and finally embarked on divorce may not return, so today's society divorce amazing , and this factor is also associated , so designers should pay attention to , it is best to use this much color .

Green paint more than those at home , who will also make home getting depressed , not the general said , his eyes should have received more green , in fact , green is the green of nature , not man for the deployment of green , so will inevitably result indoor lifeless , no animated .

Home red and more, Chinese people always think red is an auspicious color, but the South Korean customs in red cloth on behalf of dead people , these are just people 's living habits only, but the red series and more, people are too heavy burden on the eyes , but also the people easily irritable mood , therefore, can only be used as a small part of the red color with it, not as a tone theme , but the Buddhist temples and homes are different .

Yellow paint more than those at home , feeling bored worry , Fan anxiety, there is more of an indescribable shock , worry feel , so the brain makes sense of full multi hallucinations , and some who are very sensitive to this color neurasthenia up .

Orange and more, although it is full of vibrant , very warm feeling , but too much orange , easy to make people born tired , over-excited , especially in this color does not apply to the bedroom.

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