Avoid housing mildew
USINFO | 2014-09-04 17:09


1 Check the bathroom exhaust fan is working properly to ensure the moist air can be removed from the outside.
2 bath , exhaust fan should start , not immediately after a bath exhaust fan turned off, and exhaust fans should be allowed to work more than a few minutes to draw out excess moisture outdoors ;
3 bath time not too long , do not use hot water ;
4 to keep the faucet and shower ( shower head ) dry -cleaning ;
5 The wet carpet or mattress removed ;
6 pipes leaking , dripping , should immediately repair ;
7 Keep drains clear.

the laundry room
1 Check the dryer is functioning properly, make sure the exhaust pipe is connected to the outside, the water completely exhausted to the outside ;
2 dryer before each use , check the filter, the filter inside the batting clean ;
3 . Avoid their clothing in the laundry room .

1 When cooking , do not forget to open the hood or exhaust fans , conditions permitting, you can open the windows points ;
(2) minimize the lid open when cooking ;
(3) maintain the drainage channel flow ;
4 If there is water storage device (Drip Pan) in the refrigerator should be diligent in cleaning up ;
5 No Check the kitchen sink leaks .

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