Fillmore Street
USINFO | 2013-05-27 17:28

Counterbalancing New York as a coastal heavyweight, San Francisco (with some assistance from Los Angeles) establishes West Coast culture. However, shopping in San Fran is surprisingly decentralized: While the Union Square area hosts the most recognizable stores, Fillmore Street is the best place to catch the up-and-coming trends. The stretch between Jackson Street and Geary Street is lined with retailers and eateries, waiting to be explored. And unlike other commercial areas, Fillmore appeals to those with varied interests; it has three quaint bookstores, three flower shops and even three hardware outlets scattered among the upscale clothiers. Like Boston's Newbury Street, Fillmore Street gets into the spirit with a "Holiday Stroll" in December, when you can enjoy festive entertainment, sweets and discounts.
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