Exploratorium’s 43th Birthday
USINFO | 2013-08-05 18:01

San Francisco Exploratorium (Exploratorium) coming from San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts (The palace of Fine Arts) moved to pier 15, Sunday the Exploratorium at pier 15 before also participated in the "Sunday Street" activities. Move the truck carrying a variety of novelty exhibits let people experience the joy of discovery.

The mobile exhibition will be open to the public free of charge in the Mission District and the bay area, to celebrate the 43 anniversary of the establishment of exploration museum. It is reported, this exhibition is not within the museum relocated to open a month, this is for preheating for the open. To explore the museum staff Earl Sterling said, it's like a parade to celebrate the housewarming party, lively and extraordinary.

Exploration in the museum exhibition in 43 years more and more diversified, exhibit number from the initial 50 to up to 600 pieces, and constantly change update. People can experience the various scientific phenomena in the museum. To explore the new museum will open in April 17th, the new area equivalent to 3 times the original. The new museum will be provided with outdoor exhibition area, new environmental information, including weather, air quality and water quality, and San Francisco's environment. It is reported, it will install instruments to collect environmental data outside, so the emphasis on physical exhibition content, environmental issues into the public attention.
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