Colorado Avalanches, 5 Died
USINFO | 2013-08-05 18:02

Colorado weekend avalanches, killing 5 skiers died, this is fifty years in the number of casualties caused by the largest avalanche. The authorities announced Sunday that the 5 victims name.

According to the Associated Press reported, Colorado Conejos County Sheriff Don Kruger (Don Krueger) Sunday said, Saturday afternoon after the avalanche hours,

Search and rescue personnel in the Raafland channel (Loveland Pass) few people tread of the five men were found dead.

Raafland channel in about 60 miles west of Denver, 11990 feet above sea level, is a popular skiing enthusiasts preferred place, but this area, even in the spring also has the risk of avalanche.

On Sunday, five dead identified, they are 32 years old Christopher Peters (Christopher Peters) and Joseph Timlin (Joseph Timlin), at the age of 33, Novak Ruian (Ryan Novack), 36 year-old Ian Lamphier (Ian Lanphere) and 33 years of Rick Kolker (Rick Gaukel). Sixth skiers were rescued, the authorities did not disclose his name.

"Denver post" reported on Sunday, these men have to deal with extreme terrain experience, avalanche occurs, they are in an expedition to raise funds for the Colorado avalanche information center.

Prior to this, a 38 year old man died in the southern Colorado avalanche.

Therefore, Avalanche Center forecasters are warning again Sunday skiers and hikers, in some areas with less deserted still has the potential risk of avalanche.

According to the Colorado avalanche information center data, the state this year winter, 11 people have died in an avalanche. In last Saturday's avalanche is since 1962 the most serious casualty once, in 1962, several houses were snow collapsed, killing 7 people.

Since 1990, the national death toll caused by avalanche rose sharply, to an average of 24 annually.
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