Elliott Bay Seawal Construction Project
UISNFO | 2013-08-05 18:04

Seattle mayor Makekin in the last week the City Council submitted infrastructure construction projects on the sale of bonds authorized. This bond legislation supported by as much as 77% of Seattle voters passed, will be used to Seattle seawall construction.

"Rational choice I am very grateful to the people of Seattle on this issue to make." Makekin said, "in this for the long haul old project finally implemented, it is in the interest of basic construction."

Elliot Bay seawall (Elliott Bay Seawal) mountain structure mainly support with downtown Seattle Waterfront Facilities and adjacent waters, including some of the key areas in SR-99, Washington ferry port and railway. The replacement of the seawall can not only protect the water and all commercial, residential buildings, will also contribute to the prevention of storm coastal beach and earthquake damage. New seawall will also help to restore ecological balance and some natural habitat.

From the South Washington Street to Virginia Street Central seawall construction is expected to cost $300000000. Among them, 28000000 from Seattle, 32000000 from King County flood control fund, and another 200000000 40000000 yuan need set by bond.

At present, the project evaluation and design work has been nearing completion. Part seawall reconstruction of the old and weak has been put on the agenda, will be the first to fall this year, construction began, the city is considering how it will influence the construction brings to the coastal areas of traffic to a minimum.
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