Father who lost his leg takes his wife and children to scale
USINFO | 2013-05-24 11:14

They say you can't keep a good man down, and that's certainly the case with intrepid rock climber Craig DeMartino.
In 2002 Mr DeMartino had to have his left leg amputated following a climbing accident when he fell 100ft from a cliff face in the Rocky Mountains and almost died.
But here he is posing for a holiday photo with his family just last week, 400ft up a sheer cliff face.
The vertigo-inducing photograph was taken by Mayah, 14, who along with Will, 12, has fully embraced the extreme family-hobby.
'We were at a belay ledge anchored in with webbing and bolts in the rock,' said Mr DeMartino, a professional climber from Loveland, Colorado.
'I had climbed the pitch above and lowered back to the ledge and sent Mayah up with my phone to take the picture.
'I lowered Mayah down after she had climbed up and she shot the picture from about 230 feet above us.'

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