The Newest Jacob Lew Signature
USINFO | 2013-08-05 17:32

Jacob Lew, U.S. treasury secretary, from left, MSNBC television host Chris Matthews, and Thomas Matthews attend the Bloomberg Vanity Fair White House Correspondents’ Association dinner afterparty in Washington on Saturday, April 27, 2013.
Like a creature crawling out of primordial goo, the signature of Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is evolving fast, as seen in yet another iteration spotted Tuesday.
Mr. Lew’s name will eventually grace U.S. legal tender—from dollar bills to the new $100 note–and the Treasury secretary has pledged something legible.
As the White House budget director, he offered a barely discernible J followed by a series of loops. As we first reported Friday, in his signature on a report released April 25 there was a still scribbly but much clearer “Ja” in Jacob, “J” for Joseph (his middle name) and “Le” … well, almost a “w.”
In a new signature spotted today, we see more of a hybrid, with clear “J”s and the “Le”, from a letter to House lawmakers dated May 6.
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