San Francisco International Ocean Festival Release 46 Films
USINFO | 2013-05-27 15:26

The tenth session of the San Francisco International Ocean Festival in March 7th to 10 in the San Francisco Bay Aquarium held. Sunday 10 a.m., aquarium theater two short films: About whale story "The Giant and the Fisherman", and described the ecological protection zone film "Field Chronicles:The Pacific Ocean Scape", also played in the 2012 student film competition works.

Executive director Ana Blanco said, the film festival began in 2004, in the efforts of all parties, the festival has been screened more than 500 films, nearly 5000 students to participate in, tens of thousands of fans. This year the festival a total of 120 movies were submitted to exhibitors, 46 was selected 4 days of screenings schedule. Screening committee volunteers to spend hours watching the film, discuss the movie theme, quality, editing, to select outstanding movie audience.

The annual film festival will provide the Bay middle school 3 days free project, students can watch the film with producer, oceanographers questions, free to visit the aquarium. This year the festival also contains student film competition, began this project last year in order to promote students' attention to the marine ecological environment, since the 2012 July announced the competition, there are 14 from the bay area and videos of other school participate in the competition. This competition first will get the cash award of $500, second, three winners will be given a GoPro camera.

Ana said, 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by oceans, clear blue sea covered the earth 80% creatures, provide nutrients, oxygen and energy is important for life, gave birth to the earth and countless lives. Unfortunately, human beings are on the marine sustainable harsh cable: overfishing, hunted whale, and climate change is also directly change the marine ecology. The establishment of the international marine Film Festival is to arouse the people to protect the ocean, the protection of the earth's ecological source of consciousness.

Bay Aquarium (Aquarium of the Bay) is located in the Pier 39 Beach Street in San Francisco.
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