Chinese Still Outside of Hollywood World
USINFO | 2013-08-05 17:22

For Chinese, the famous Chinese director Ang Lee two won the Oscar statuette is undoubtedly inspire people. But undeniable is, Chinese film in Hollywood career development still struggling.

According to "Huffington post" (Huffingtonpost) reported, recently, Chinese Historical Society of southern California (Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (Jenny) writer Jenny Zhou Cho, transliteration) plan published in 2013 December on the Chinese movie person playing together in Hollywood collection of photography "Hollywood Chinese" (Chinese in Hollywood), aims to introduce Chinese and Chinese make for Hollywood movies and entertainment industry contribution. The book contains 180 Chinese filmmakers in Hollywood pictures, show the wonderful instant chinese.

At the same time, the book also presents to the reader the golden age of Hollywood (Hollywood 's Golden Age) fresh for the Chinese movie person known, such as Chinese comedian Charlie Fang (Charlie Fang, transliteration).

Week in a letter to "Huffington post" letter pointed out, Chinese film entering Hollywood film and entertainment industry for nearly 100 years, but until now, Chinese is still thought to give a person leave negative stereotypes, in the development of the cause of difficulty in Hollywood.

She said: "although the Chinese have been living in America for generations, but is still considered an outsider. And whether the impression of Chinese stereotypes, Chinese film people want to take out the reflected their experience film." Zhou said, this album is to educate and inspire others hope.
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