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Koa Nakar Kaj in the American state of Hawaii on the island of Moloke, is a small town on the island of Moloke in the middle. In every place the town are emitting a kind of ancient breath, charming, Hawaii islands is the most primitive of the town. And around Kaonaka Kai, with the most beautiful Hawaii Island Coconut groves.

This seat is only more than 3000 Town, beautiful scenery, scenery is beautiful, simple folk. The ancient town of atmosphere is very rich, surrounded by coconut plantations is the town's many.

Although the original Kaonaka Kai town quiet, but the main port is on the island of Molokai, port terminal extends beyond the coral reef, Hawaii islands is the longest pier, some locals here fishing for dinner. In addition to the terminal, Kaonaka Kai town also to Puayiwa Coconut Grove Beach Park (Kapuaiwa Coconut Beach Park) is well known in the world, the park of the ancient Hawaii Coconut Grove is planted the eighteen sixties Kamehameha V King reign, hundreds of coconut trees waving in the wind, is the most obvious Molokai natural landmark. But tourists need to pay attention to is in danger of coconut coconut often dropped, so visitors the best from near the beach enjoy coconut scenery, but the very sunset observation, the scenery is more beautiful.
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