Man who lost 112 pounds kickboxing in Thailand banned from f | 2014-11-03 16:01

An obese Brit who lost slimmed down during a year-long program was banned from flying home because he no longer looked like his official picture.

The now svelte Brit almost wasn't allowed to fly home he looked so different.

An obese Brit who lost 112 pounds at a year-long Thai kickboxing camp was banned from flying home because he looked so different from his passport picture.

Airport border guards didn't believe that the slimmer version of Ross Connor was the same as the chubby-faced cheeky guy that appeared in his official ID photo.

It was only when the 33-year-old showed them images documenting his extraordinary weight loss that he was allowed to board a later flight.

The $10,000 weight loss plan obviously worked.The $10,000 weight loss plan obviously worked.Previous

"It was a worrying moment. I knew I'd lost a lot of weight, but I never expected they wouldn't let me on the plane," he told the Mirror.

"After all my hard work, I thought I wasn't going to get home to show my family the result of my year of training," the Peterborough native added.

For $10,000 the Brit got a whole new look.

Connor weighed a portly 294 pounds before enrolling on the extreme $10,000 fitness regime on the paradise island of Phuket last March.

He said he decided to shed the excessive weight after suffering from breathing problems.


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