This Crashed Bugatti Veyron Can Be Yours For Just $250K | 2014-08-25 18:20

There aren’t many car enthusiasts out there who’d turn down the chance to have a Bugatti Veyron parked in the garage. The problem is, they come with a hefty price tag that generally reserves them for the likes of princes and superstar athletes. This one, though, is slightly more affordable at the bargain basement price of $250,000.

If it sounds too good to be true, well, it sort of is, because this Bugatti has been involved in a wee fender bender. The black and blue car ran into trouble on an Austrian highway somewhere between the towns of Seebenstein and Grimmenstein on the A2. The driver lost control on rain-slicked roads one night last April.

The driver was thankfully unhurt, but the car took a lot of damage. Apparently it veered off the road, slid behind a guardrail, and then fell about 40 feet before coming to rest under a bridge. It took crews over an hour to retrieve it from its resting place.

Before crashing, the car clocked 31,924 kilometers in the 6 years since its 2008 production. The damage is extensive, covering the front, rear, and both doors, but if you have the cash to buy, and fix, this Bugatti, then now’s your chance to make a bid at AXA Ricardo and get this Bugatti into your garage.

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