Lady Gaga's‘ARTPOP’ Now Legally On Sale in China
USINFO | 2014-01-23 11:37

Lady Gaga is no longer banned in China, allowing fans to grab legal copies of her albums.

The “Applause” singer found herself on the proverbial blacklist back in 2011 after the Culture Ministry found her musical endeavors a little too controversial. According to officials, Lady Gaga and her work are “creating confusion in the order of the online music market, and damaging the nation’s cultural security.”

Songs from Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way apparently rubbed some folks the way in China. “The Edge of Glory,” “Marry the Night,” and “Americano” were previously sited as reasons for the ban.
However, Lady Gaga wasn’t alone; songs by the Backstreet Boys and Katy Perry were also included singled out by officials.

Since this didn’t stop folks from developing an interest in her music, Lady Gaga fans found alternative ways to pick up copies of her albums. China’s black market had no trouble pushing bootleg copies of ARTPOP on her supporters, though picking up legitimate versions of her work was pretty much impossible.

However, it would appear that the Culture Ministry recently had a change of heart. Three years after landing on the blacklist, the singer’s work is now legally available for purchase in China.
Although officials slightly altered the ARTPOP cover and changed “Sexxx Dreams” to “X Dreams,” fans can now pick up legit copies at retail outlets throughout the country.

Lady Gaga recently tweeted about the Chinese government allowing ARTPOP to hit legally hit retail shelves. The singer hopes this decision will allow her to perform in China at some point in the very near future. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm so excited!!!! The Chinese Government Approved ARTPOP to be released in China with all 15 songs! Next I hope I can come to perform!
— Goddess of Love (@ladygaga) January 14, 2014

However, fans who want the original ARTPOP cover will have to download the image themselves. Chinese censors reportedly covered Lady Gaga’s legs with black stockings in their version of the album’s artwork. The ball clutched between her legs was also enlarged and positioned higher on her body to cover the nudity.

The release of Lady Gaga’s latest album could definitely be a blessing to her record label. Since sales of ARTPOP have floundered since its release last year, Universal Music might see an increase in activity over the next few weeks.

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga fans can legally purchase copies of ARTPOP in China? Do you think the singer’s music is damaging to “cultural security?”


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