Steven Spielberg’s’Extant’ Starring Halle Berry
USINFO | 2014-01-22 11:28

“Extant” means “still in existence, the opposite of extinct”

CBS has provided the web with a brief reveal — and a solid SAT word — in a teaser for upcoming summer show, “Extant.”

So what is “Extant?” Well, it’s a TV series from executive producer Steven Spielberg, starring Halle Berry, that premieres in Summer 2014 on CBS — and now we have a two-part definition of the term.

In case you hadn’t Googled it when the series was announced, in a 25-second clip released on Sunday, the word “Extant” is defined to mean: “still in existence,” “the opposite of extinct.” The teaser cuts through a few images quickly: of Earth, an eyeball, a heart beating, a fetus.

While the imagery and short video do not explain much about the upcoming series, they make some sense within the concept of the show. In the project, Berry plays an astronaut whose experiences upon her return home lead to events that change the course of human history. Camryn Manheim co-stars as Berry’s best friend.

“Extant” premieres on CBS on July 2 at 9 p.m. It is co-produced by CBS Television Studios and Spielberg’s Amblin Television.


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